Zeal EcoBagz - Pack of 2 - 250ml

These reusable thick ziplock bags are ideal for storing any foods, liquids, cosmetics and more.  These bags are a great alternative to single-use plastics such as cling film, foils and throw-away plastic sandwich bags. The bags are durable, versatile, reusable, perfect to eliminate the use of throw-away plastics in the home!

Available in several different capacities and sizes, each bag is made of soft-touch BPA free plastic and features an air-tight double-lock seal to prevent spills and make it leak-proof.  The bags comes with a larger space at the bottom to make it ideal for food left-overs or for meal preparation, which means you can just stand and fill!

The lightweight bags can be folded flat and make for really easy storage and to make it easy to transport.

As well as storing foods, these bags offer a durable storage solution for items such as cosmetics, toiletries for travelling and stationary. Great for travelling, their design makes them perfect for packing a tidy suitcase, storing in-flight make up and skincare and the air-tight design means they can also be used to keep valuables safe and dry. 

Reusable time after time and can be easily placed in the dishwasher for quick convenient cleaning in addition to being safe freezer safe.

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