5 Stainless Steel Organic Straws with Plastic-Free Cleaning Brush & Organic Carry Pouch - Smoothie Size

Five reusable stainless steel organic straws with 100% Zero mircroplastic.

These great, long lasting organic straws are a great single use swap and are a much nicer alternative then the paper or plastic options.

These organic straws come in a 100% organic cotton GOTS certifiedcarry pouch, with an option for a plastic-free plant based cleaning brush or a plastic-free wool cleaning brush.

Standard Straw Size:
Length 21.5cm
Outer diameter 8mm
Thickness 0.5mm.

Package Contents:
5 x ecoLiving Smoothie Straws Stainless Steel
1 x ecoLiving Straw Cleaner. 
1 x ecoLiving Straw Organic Carry Pouch

Single use straws are a big problem for our wildlife, with many marine life being harmed every year just by a single use straw (around 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches, but only 1% of straws end up as waste in the ocean). 

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*Brand - Ecoliving