Bamboo Scrubbing Brush

A lightweight and ethically sourced bamboo scrubbing brush is a great substitution to many scrubbing brushes.

Bamboo is a hard-wearing, renewable and naturally anti-bacterial plant resource.

A great addition to any eco-friendly kitchen!


  • Made from durable bamboo, the brush is from sustainable materials offering a great product for cleaning, yet eco-friendly
  • Bamboo is a renewable and naturally anti-bacterial plant resource
  • The tough bristles tackle even the hardest of stains, dirt, mildew or soap build up
  • Recyclable plastic bristles for longevity and helps prevent scratches
  • Shaped brush tapers in at the middle for a comfortable hold
  • Perfect for most floor types including hard wood or carpet
  • Use around the home such as kitchen or bathrooms, can be used on tiles or bathtubs
  • Strong and sturdy design looks amazing in any home
  • Easy to use – simple wash with mild cleaner, rinse and dry at room temperature
  • The finishing touches boast a rope tie and hanging hole, perfect to tidy away when not in use
  • Size: H:4 x W:16 x D:7cm approx.
  • Weight:0.11kg approx.

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