About Us

And so our story begins...

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Earth First UK!

We are a small family run business that started in the dining room of our family home. I'm Hayley and I run this company with my husband (well he helps!) and we have a daughter and a lovely pet pooch!

Earth First was created, as over the last 2 years I have been on a journey that has led me to realise that by switching to plastic / BPA free and sustainable materials it can not only have a big and positive impact on the environment but also on our health to! - who knew?! 

This is something I have become very passionate about and as such Earth First was born.  

At Earth First, we are dedicated to only working with suppliers who have the same dedication and values that we employ.  All of our suppliers are based here in the UK and we deliver our packages in eco-friendly materials.
We believe that 'Small changes make a big impact' and we are dedicated to helping people make these changes now and in the future.
Have a browse around our store for a great range of eco-friendly products!