November 10, 2020 4 min read

The Secrets Of Eco-friendly Products - Price VS Value

Ever wondered why 'eco-friendly' items are so expensive?
It just doesn't seem logical does it?  Products that are better for us and the environment are usually twice the price of alternative everyday products.

So why is this?Eco-friendly-kitchen-vegan-wraps-food-sustainable

Well here we uncover how to work out the price vs value and our key 'must haves' to save you money going forward



Let's look at the 3 main reasons why the Value of environmentally friendly products are higher than the Price.

Reason One - Eco products are toxic free

When I started my eco journey Two years ago, it wasn't because I wanted to change the world, or I was environmentally conscious (as most people assume).  It was actually a sadder story than that - myself and my husband were struggling to conceive and when we finally did in 2019, we were ecstatic BUT we very quickly found out it had all gone wrong and we were experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. 

This brought us on our journey to where we are today.  Within this time (not having struggled to conceive my daughter back in 2011) we did a lot of research and spoke to many professionals, and a big factor that had caused my new found infertility is the toxins in my cleaning products.


Yep, that is exactly what I said to. 

So it turns out, the chemicals used in many of todays 'harmless' cleaning products are actually causing an infertility pandemic - who knew?!

How would you feel if you found this out? Well for us, we were devastated.  Something so seemingly normal and innocent, had left us feeling lost.

Click here to read a short article about fertility and cleaning chemicals and what chemicals to look out for.

"While trying to conceive, it is important to pay attention to many of the household products you take for granted — they can contain certain chemicals that could negatively influence fertility if you're exposed too often."

Reason Two - Eco Friendly Lasts longer

The one thing I have come to understand about switching to eco-friendly products is they last so much longer - and for good reason!

Do you ever wonder why your mobile phone starts to play up right around the time your contract is up?

Have you ever heard your grandparents say "things aren't built to last today".

Well both are absolutely true, here's an example for you -

A pack of makeup wipes from a cheap pound shop in the UK is around 99p for a pack of 25 wipes.  Sounds cheap right? Let me show you how this is actually an expensive option -

99p / 25 = 0.04p per wipe.

We will assume you use 1 wipe a day (sometimes you end up using more if you wear a lot of makeup and less if you only wear it on the odd occasion or for work)

So 0.04p x 365 (number of days in the year) = £14.60 a year.

Still not much right?!

Well if you look at the cost of reusable makeup wipes which cost £13.50, lasts you years and do not have any nasty chemicals included (because let's be honest, do we actually know what's on the make up wipes we buy?) then the value is so much higher than the original price.

The same principles can be used for any eco-friendly products. 

So the reason non eco products are cheaper, is because they aren't built to last like they used to be, this way as a consumer we keep going back time and time again.

Time to switch to eco friendly alternatives?

Reason 3 - Biodegradable Packaging

What if I told you hardly anything plastic can be recycled? 

Now what if I told you receipts (standard receipts from shops) can't be recycled? 

I can guess what you're saying, but its paper why not?!

When it comes to every day products, it all comes down to how they're made.  From the materials used, processing, sustainability, even the inks used to label them!

It isn't news that the world is full of our rubbish and just because it leaves our homes with the bin men, doesn't mean its gone - it has to go somewhere.

Did you know, when skin decomposes, skin that has a tattoo on, it takes much longer to decompose than skin that doesn't? - Exactly the same principle applies to eco friendly alternatives.

Just because it is the same product (I.E Skin or Paper) once a certain process happens, it causes the product to biodegrade at a much slower rate.  

Plastics can take hundreds if not thousands of years to break down - with some never being about to degrade at all.

Imagine our planet in 10 yrs time?!

How to start an Eco-Friendly journey?

So, we know why eco-friendly products are not only better for the planet but our health and our bank balance.  So how do we start this journey?

Easy! Heres how in Three simple steps-

Having gone through this myself, I completely understand that the initial cost layout can make you take a step back so here's how I have done it -

- Make a list of products you would like to switch to. It might be cleaning products (solutions, cloths etc), self care products (hair, skin, etc).  What ever it is make a list.
- Then switch gradually. There is a common misconception that if you are eco-friendly, you have to be all in (Vegan and everything).  This is simply not true.Making small changes as and when will help you to make the switch and stick to it!
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It really is as simple as that!

This is why we offer 10% off on the first of every month - FOR EVERYONE to allow people to make the switch and save money.

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