November 26, 2020 3 min read

How to have a stress free Christmas with our stocking filler ideas.



As Christmas is fast approaching and the kids are starting to write their endless lists of toys that they have seen on the TV or in the Smyth's catalogue (please tell me I'm not the only one who goes through this).  It's time for us to start thinking about our stocking fillers!

Do you do this too?

If you are anything like me, we are usually out at the shops starting to get "little bits to go with a main present" - this helps to bulk everything out to look more - am I right?!  

However, thanks to our lockdown rules, we can't right now, so here are some fab stocking filler ideas to help compliment your main presents and be a bit kinder to ourselves and the environment.

Stocking filler ideas for the home - 

- Ecococonut dish brush - This amazing invention is made of coconut.  It lasts a lot longer then your regular sponge, whilst being much kinder to the environment and us!

 - OceanSaver Boxset - Do you know anyone who loves cleaning? Or maybe just had a new baby? These OceanSaver cleaning products are a great, toxic free way to clean the home without causing any harm to the family (and yes they really work!)

- TruEarth Laundry strips- Ok we all know laundry strips are not fun, but if you know someone who struggles to lift the heavy bottles of detergent or just doesn't have the room then these strips are perfect! they come in an A5, slim box and you just rip a dissolvable sheet off and voila! Clean clothes!

Stocking Filler ideas for some self care - 

- Bain and Savon Shampoo and Conditioner- These shampoo and conditioners bars are not just 100% natural but also last for around 6 months.  They are only 130g so perfect to slot into anyones stocking! 

- Makeup wipes - 10 x large cotton makeup wipes that you can use for almost anything. Just pop them in the wash when they need a clean and re-use!  This has been our most popular item to date!

- Self care box- Do you know someone who needs a bit of pampering this season but unsure if they have sensitive skin or what they would like? Why not give them a self care box? They will feel very special with a beautiful gift set!

Stocking Filler ideas for on the go people - 

- Reusable cups - We have a range of different reusable cups, some made of bamboo and others made of glass. They are perfect for people who commute or people looking to do more exercise in the new year!

- Straws- Thanks to the British government, plastic straws are now band in the UK along with cotton buds! YEY! So if you know anyone who could use a straw, we have a range of straws to choose from. Not soggy paper ones either!

- Reusable bags - Do you know someone like me, who always forgets the shopping bags and then has to go all the way back to get them?! Then these are perfect! 

Stocking Fillers for Kids - 

- Dinner sets - We have a range of bamboo dinner sets for all the kids that will help with them transitioning from the small plates with the sections to the next size up!  Keeping away those harmful BPA and other chemicals plastic brings.

- Lunchboxes- Do you ever go out and hear "I'm hungry" as soon as you pull up? We have a range of fun, plastic free lunchboxes that are perfect to just pop in your bag for those slightly longer or as kids see it "boring" trips.

Start someones eco-journey off -

This is just a few stocking filler ideas, head to our website (click here) to see everything we have in store.  

The cut off for guaranteed Christmas delivery is the 15th December 2020.

Did you find this blog helpful? Let us know below!

Love Hayley and the Earth First UK team x

**Brands used - Bain and Savon, Truearth, ecolving, Neon Kastus, OceanSaver, Ecococonut, Cambridge**

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